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Release 22.1 Available 9 February 2017 | ANDS Developers

Release 22.1 Available 9 February 2017

Release 22.1 Available 9 February 2017

Technical Changelog

This minor release for 2017 implements a number of bug fixes to RDA, ANDS Registry and RVA.

Highlights of R22.1 include:

Research Data Australia

  • Grants & Projects: Display ‘View all related researchers’ for grants with more than 5 related parties (CC-1888)
  • RDA Duplicate Identifiers : Re-implement the merging of relationships for records with duplicate identifiers. This feature did not work since R19
  • Theme Page: Enable multiple badges to be displayed on a view page in RDA
  • RDA View Page: Fix bug where itemType was set to ‘Dataset’ for all class types

Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)

  • RVA imported PP projects: Update incorrect language values from ‘English’ to ‘en’ for affected PoolParty vocabularies
  • Support multilingual vocabularies: For vocabularies with multiple languages, display ‘English’ as a preferred language in browse tree.

ANDS Registry

  • Harvester error log: Harvester should not throw ‘Harvest error’ if no record is found in the feed (CC-1862)

Installation of this upgrade:

  • update the ANDS-Registry-Core codebase (either fetch latest tarball or git fetch && git rebase origin/master)

cd applications/api

composer install

composer dump-autoload --optimize

  • Run database script dbs_registry_r22_to_r22.1_incr.sql

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