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Roadmap | ANDS Developers


ANDS Software Roadmap

The ANDS software development forward planning is represented by a set documents that are updated regularly: overviews, yearly plans, roadmaps, initiatives, and a set of rolling candidate release lists. The most recent of these are to be found on this page. Technical issues and proposed approaches are discussed on the technical blog. Internal ANDS software development is directed by the ANDS yearly business plan. The software development is undertaken in a collaborative, open-source, community development model. If you are interested in participating in the software development or contributing to direction setting, please contact

Here is a visual summary representation of the roadmap:
Software Development Roadmap 2015-16.pptx

ANDS Systems Development Direction is viewable as a google document:
ANDS Systems Development Direction 2015-16 (opens in new tab/window).

An overview of the proposed schedule for software releases is viewable as a Google Document:
ANDS Software Development Roadmap 2015-16 (opens in new tab/window)

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