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Web Services | ANDS Developers

Web Services


This API provides a simple method to retrieve RIFCS XML for one or more objects in the Registry.

Use this API if your system uses RIFCS internally or if you prefer being able to work with and validate XML content.


getMetadata API

Search and retrieve structured metadata about objects in the registry as either XML or JSON.

Use this API if your system is compatible with XML or JSON and you do not require the full RIFCS representation of an object.


Legacy and New Vocabulary Service APIs

The ANDS Controlled Vocabularies services allow research organisations to query “controlled vocabularies”.



Information on the new API hosted at Research Vocabularies Australia is also available.

Use this API if your system is compatible with XML, JSON or RDF and uses a controlled vocabulary.

getExtRif API

This API allows you to retrieve the enriched and annotated copy of records which generate pages in Research Data Australia.

Use this API if you require more detail than what is available in the RIFCS record.



OAI-PMH Provider

A web service implementing the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting

Use this API if your system is a harvester which is compatible with the OAI-PMH protocol.


Research Activity API

The Research Activity API provides machine access to research activity information contributed to Research Data Australia such as grants and projects.

A light-weight method to query the ANDS Registry for specific information about Research Activity.


Research Grants API

(Please note that this API has been superseded. Please see the Research Activity API)

The Research Grants API provides access to data relating to Australian Research Grants and Researchers.

A light-weight method to query the ANDS Registry for specific information about Research Grants.


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