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Research Activity API | ANDS Developers

Research Activity API

Research Activity API Documentation

The Research Activity API is a RESTful Web Service that provides machine access to research activity information contributed to Research Data Australia by Australia’s principal research funders (grants) and Australian research institutions and agencies (projects). You can read more  about the research grants and projects discovery service and explore its content to see what lies behind this API.

Example use cases for this API include:

  • Lookup and/or Validation when research grant identifiers are required in input forms for systems such as institutional repositories
  • Retrieve the details of a particular research grant for display in your system based on its identifier
  • Building research profiles for researchers and institutions
  • Including discovery of Australian research activity in your system or service

Service Usage

Before you start! To use this service, institutions or individuals must register for a free API key.

Resource URL{apiKey}&{params}

  • Replace {YOUR API KEY} with the key your organisation registered (no API key? register for free)
  • Replace {params} with some combination of the parameters below. Note: all parameter values must be URL-encoded.
  • Issue a HTTP GET request.
  • By default, results are limited to 30 records per request. Use the start and rows parameters to step through additional results.

Service Parameters

Parameter Description Example Usage
q Used to search in all indexed text fields for specified keyword(s)

activities?q=”sodium channels”

activities?q=Desmond Butler

type Use this parameter to limit a search to specific activity types.

Supported values = ‘grants’, ‘programs’ or ‘projects’

status Use this parameter to limit a search to activities in a specific status.

Supported values = ‘closed’, ‘active’, ‘pending’, or ‘other’

purl Use this parameter to return an activity with a specific purl grant identifier for an Australian research grant. Note that the entire PURL must be passed.
identifier This parameter can be used to search for activities which contain the specified identifier value/text in an identifier field.
title This parameter can be used to search for activities which contain the specified text in a title field.

Note: The title parameter searches through the Alternative and Abbreviated titles for a record. These titles however are NOT returned in the API response.

subject Use this parameter to search for activities which contain the specified text in any of the subjects assigned to an activity (including ANZSRC fields of research).

Note: ANZSRC-FOR & SEO subject codes can also be passed. However not all activities in RDA contain these subject codes.



(04 = ANZSRC-FOR Earth Sciences)

description This parameter can be used to search for activities which contain the specified text in either the brief or full description. activities?description=molecular%20fusion
institution Use this parameter to search for activities that are related to a party of type ‘group’ whose title contains/matches the specified text.
Tip: Wrap values in double quotes ” ” to ensure exact matches.
funder Use this parameter to search for activities that are related to a party of type ‘group’ with a relation of ‘isFundedBy’ AND whose title contains/matches the specified text.
Tip: Wrap values in double quotes ” ” to ensure exact matches
principalInvestigator This parameter can be used to search for activities that are related to a party with a relation of ‘hasPrincipalInvestigator’ AND whose title contains/matches the specified text. activities?principalInvestigator=Jacob%20AND%20George
researcher Use this parameter to search for activities that are related to a party whose title contains/matches the specified text.  activities?researcher=Jacob%20George
fundingScheme This parameter can be used to search for activities which contain the specified text in the funding scheme as specified by the funder. activities?fundingScheme=”discovery%20projects”
addedSince Use this parameter to limit the results to records that have been added to RDA since the specified date-time.
Supported date format = W3CDTF
modifiedSince Use this parameter to limit the results to records that have been modified since the specified date-time

Supported date format = W3CDTF

limit Use this parameter to limit the number of grants returned by the API

(default: 30 – max:1000)

offset Use this parameter to offset the grants returned by this number (used to “cursor” through large result sets) activities?title=fish&limit=15&offset=75

Response Format

  • Responses from this service are returned in JSON format.
  • Results are wrapped inside a data object, which is returned when the status is OK
  • If no records matched your result, the data object will be an empty array
  • Responses are ordered based on the search query and a relevance default ranking. The default ranking will push records with a higher relevancy up while keeping the records that match in the record set. The default ordering is: title, identifiers, researchers, descriptions and anywhere the text occurred.


Field Name Value
id  The unique identifier used by the ANDS Registry to manage the record
key  The key assigned to the activity by the provider
title  The display title of the activity
type  The type of activity (‘grants’, ‘programs’ or ‘projects’)
description  The description of the activity (all description elements of type “brief” or “full”)
institutions  Array list of institutions participating in this research activity
researchers Array list of the researchers named on the awarded grant, or involved with an activity
status  The status of the activity (‘closed’, ‘active’, ‘pending’, or ‘other’)
fundingAmount  The total budget allocated to a research grant by the funder
fundingScheme The funding scheme or funding program that a grant has been awarded under
startDate The commencement date for funding if it is a grant (often just a year or a month) or for the project if it is a project
endDate The completion date (as above)
dateTimeModified  The date-time the activity record was added to RDA
dateTimeCreated  The date-time the activity record was last changed in RDA
funder The name and acronym of the organisation that funded a research grant, program or project
managingInstitution  The institution managing the grant or project
principalInvestigator  The person named as the lead investigator for the research activity
purl Standard purl grant identifier (the research sector is encouraged to always use this identifier when referring to a grant)
identifiers Array list of identifiers assigned to the activity record.
subjects  Array list of subjects assigned to the activity.
links  Hypermedia links

Example Usage

Validate a grant ID provided in an input form field to retrieve the purl grant identifier

Return the grant with ID “910771”:

  • HTTP GET Request:
    > activities?type=grant&identifier=910771

Grants for a particular organisation

Return all grants that were managed by Queensland University of Technology in the area of Agriculture and Veterinary Science – ANZSRC-FOR code “07”:

Grants from particular funding organisation

Return all grants funded by the Department of the Environment:

Grants and projects by a particular researcher with a particular phrase in the title

Return all grants and projects involving “David Cook” which contain the phrase “sodium channels” in the title. (note that results will contain those with just “cook” in a person name  or just “David” but those with both close together will be ranked higher)

 Grants and projects which mention both cognition and chemotherapy

Return all completed grants and projects which contain both the terms “cognition” and “chemotherapy” in any free text field (note that the closer the terms are together the higher the ranking)

Comments 2

  1. Andreas Kostyrka

    Just a side note, the limitations on limit are not given.

    E.g. limit=30000 causes an empty answer 301 answer, Location pointing to the same URL back.

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