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Theme CMS Editor | ANDS Developers

Theme CMS Editor

Theme pages highlight interesting, unique and topical content within Research Data Australia and provide an alternative path to discovery of data through thematic browsing. The Theme CMS Editor allows users with the appropriate functional role(s) to construct and publish theme pages to Research Data Australia.


On entering the Theme CMS Editor users have the option of editing existing theme pages or adding new ones.

Upon adding a new page, users are provided with a basic template and the ability to add a repeatable content element. The content element can be configured to display the following content types:

  • HTML Contents – Basic HTML container allowing user to format text, insert pictures and add hyperlinks.
  • Image Gallery – Series of links to publically accessible images to be displayed as either a film strip or carousel.
  • List of Registry Objects – List of registry object keys which are displayed as a list of hyperlinked record titles to the records in Research Data Australia.
  • Separator – Horizontal line separator.
  • Search Results – Configurable custom search which displays as a listing of search results in Research Data Australia.
  • Facet – A configurable facet which is linked to a specific search result content element (see above dot point).
  • Relation – Related objects of a specified registry object key which are displayed as a list of hyperlinked record titles to the records in Research Data Australia.


A configurable Visibility attribute is provided for theme pages which determines if the theme page is publicly visible in Research Data Australia. By default new theme pages are set to ‘Not Visible’. The pages can still be previewed in Research Data Australia but cannot be seen on the Theme pages page in Research Data Australia. The preview URL can be shared with others to review the page before being published.

A unique Secret Tag can be generated for each theme page. The tag allows users to construct a specific search in a search results content element of a theme page that returns records with the secret tag. Other users can then use the tagging functionality within the registry to add relevant records to the theme page without the need to modify the page.

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