Release 22.1 Available 9 February 2017

Technical Changelog This minor release for 2017 implements a number of bug fixes to RDA, ANDS Registry and RVA. Highlights of R22.1 include: Research Data Australia Grants & Projects: Display ‘View all related researchers’ for grants with more than 5 related parties (CC-1888) RDA Duplicate Identifiers : Re-implement the merging of relationships for records with […]

Release 22 Available 7 December 2016

Technical Changelog The 4th and final major release for 2016 implements a number of enhancements to the ANDS Registry and Research Vocabularies Australia. Highlights of R22 include: Research Vocabularies Australia Migrate RVA editor to PoolParty Release 5.6 Update RVA Toolkit to work with PoolParty Release 5.6 Update RVA Editor Admin Tool to work with PoolParty […]

Release 21 Available 12 October 2016

Technical Changelog The third major release for 2016 implements a number of Research Vocabularies Australia and ANDS DOI Services enhancments. Highlights of R21 include: DOI Service (Cite My Data) Enhancement to DOI service architecture and design The DOI service API has been refactored to incorporate new functionality and to provide a better platform for future […]

Release 20 Available 17 August 2016

Technical Changelog The second major release for 2016 implements a number of Research Data Australia, Research Vocabularies Australia and ANDS Registry bug fixes and enhancement requests received through the ANDS Service Desk. Highlights of R20 include: Research Data Australia (RDA) Logging and Reporting:
 Implementation of ELK stack to support logging and reporting activities (CC-1749) Search Engine Optimisation


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