Release 21 Available 12 October 2016

Release 21 Available 12 October 2016

Technical Changelog

The third major release for 2016 implements a number of Research Vocabularies Australia and ANDS DOI Services enhancments.

Highlights of R21 include:

DOI Service (Cite My Data)

  • Enhancement to DOI service architecture and design
  • The DOI service API has been refactored to incorporate new functionality and to provide a better platform for future enhancements. The service endpoint URLs for the updated API are new but replicate the existing endpoints.
  • While the existing endpoints will continue to work, ANDS wishes to decommission these in 2017. Our clients are recommended to move to the new endpoint URLs as soon as feasible.
  • Implementation of support for DataCite Schema v4.0
  • The manual minting interface will be updated to support the new version.
  • The DOI machine-to-machine service will also be updated to support v4.0.
  • Implementation of a facility to do bulk update of DOIs
  • Bulk update of DOI URLs will now possible.
  • My DOIs will be udpated to support bulk updates.

The ANDS DOI Cite My Data documentation will be updated to reflect these changes.

Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)

Installation of this upgrade:

  • update the ANDS-Registry-Core codebase (either fetch latest tarball or git fetch && git rebase origin/master)

cd applications/api

composer install

composer dump-autoload --optimize

  • Run database script dbs_registry_r20_to_r21_incr.sql
  • Run database script dbs_dois_r20_to_r21_incr.sql
  • Update ElasticSearch doi_api mappings

For more information on Release 21 please refer to the Technical Updates page on the ANDS Website.

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