Release 22 Available 7 December 2016

Release 22 Available 7 December 2016

Technical Changelog

The 4th and final major release for 2016 implements a number of enhancements to the ANDS Registry and Research Vocabularies Australia.

Highlights of R22 include:

Research Vocabularies Australia

  • Migrate RVA editor to PoolParty Release 5.6
  • Update RVA Toolkit to work with PoolParty Release 5.6
  • Update RVA Editor Admin Tool to work with PoolParty Release 5.6
  • Update the Elda library used inside the LDA web application to the latest release
  • More information about PoolParty Release 5.6 will be provided in a separate communication to registered users of the ANDS PoolParty service.

ANDS Registry

  • Refactor ANDS Registry import and ingest process into smaller, robust, and testable components

DOI (Cite My Data) service

  • Implement solution to security vulnerability in Cite My Data service

Research Data Australia

  • Update the ordering of related people in the title bar of collection records so that principal investigators are displayed first

The list of impact and requirements is available here. For any comments or questions, please email Thank you.

Installation of this upgrade:

  • update the ANDS-Registry-Core codebase (either fetch latest tarball or git fetch && git rebase origin/master)
composer install && composer dump-autoload --optimize
cd applications/api
composer install && composer dump-autoload --optimize
  • Run database script dbs_registry_r21_to_r22_incr.sql

For more information on Release 22 please refer to the Technical Updates page on the ANDS Website.

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