Enhance your existing web pages and data capture systems with easy to use widgets.


Collections Registry Search Widget

The Collections Registry Search Widget provides a quick and easy way of embedding a live Research Data Australia search within your new or existing web pages. The flexibility of the widget allows you to configure a predefined search, or provide your end users with a text field to specify their own search.

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Research Activity Lookup Widget

The ANDS Research Activity Lookup Widget is a jQuery plugin that provides the ability to lookup, search for and display activity records from Research Data Australia.

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ORCID Researcher Lookup Widget

The ANDS ORCID Widget allows you to lookup an ORCID ID and search for one using ORCID JSONP API. This widget is a jQuery plugin with extensible options over styling and functionality. Hence the widget is dependent on the jQuery plugin to function correctly.

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Vocabulary Widget

The ANDS Vocabulary Widget allows you to instantly add Data Classification capabilities to your data capture tools through the ANDS Vocabulary Service.

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Location Capture Widget

The ANDS Location Capture Widget allows you to instantly enrich your data capture system, adding geospatial capabilities such as custom drawings and place name resolution (using the Australian Gazetteer Service and Google Maps API).

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